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724dentist is a 7 day/24 hour professional artificial intelligent assistant for dental professionals serving their patients using an amazing agile online platform. We bring new levels of comfortability in dental care through an amazing journey both for patients and dental professionals. You can easily manage your patients’ Dental Remote Monitoring, Virtual Consultation and Dental Care Digital Experience. We make dentistry services more comfortable, simpler and always easy to access with 724dentist agile online platform for you and your patients.

HEAD OF 724dentist


Mohammad Monajemzadeh

as the CEO manages the Company’s overall resources and operations, communicate with the board of directors, management team, and make major corporate decisions.

With a multidisciplinary educational background in Engineering and Medicine, he has developed a strong ability to tackle everyday problems with new approaches. He has over nine years of experience working as a dentist, has identified many problems with Dental Office Management Systems and has developed ways to improve the software. As software engineers generally create systems, they need to incorporate the perspectives of medical practitioners and patients to become fully optimized and functional. During the last four years, along with a team of experts, he has used his experience to develop a holistic Dental Office Management System which addresses the needs of the dentist, administrative staff, patients, and hygienist.


Maziar Eskandari

as the VP of Sales, Marketing & Business Development oversees all marketing activities to ensuring they maximize all opportunities for profit generation. He will also identify new market opportunities, determines optimal pricing, and directs marketing and sales operations.

He is a DBA entrepreneur with over 13 years’ professional experience in business formation, operation, finance, and leadership. He combines strategic and tactical business planning with the ability to analyze complex situations, deploy practical solutions while implementing cost-effective plans. He is known for having a passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions, and a capacity of motivational leadership.


Seyed Kamran Hosseini Yousefi

 as the VP of Operations and QA oversees planning, coordination and control process and ensure products meet the company’s standard. He also develops purchasing strategies and manages relations with suppliers and vendors’.

He has over 18 years’ experience in Dentistry and Dental Clinic Management, including financial and management knowledge and has successfully recorded over 4,000 successful dental procedures. He is a serial entrepreneur, transforming white papers and academic studies to common practice and has a strong background in multidisciplinary projects, including the Avian Influenza Program and the Viral Hepatitis Program. His years of insight in dentistry have steered him to create operational efficiencies in the dental management process utilizing a remote platform.


Reza Naseri

as the VP of Projects & Customer Relations is responsible for project management to ensure they are on time and on budget. He also ensures that clients’ projects are completed seamlessly and will address any issues encountered by company’s clients.

He has extensive experience in the dental sector, both as a hands-on Practitioner and as a founder of his own dental clinic.



724dentist is composed of people who love tackling complex problems through dentistry data analytics, technology new trends, passion and professionalism. Our team are always ready to serve you the best and are by your side at every moment of your digital dentistry experience to bring services beyond your expectations.


724Dentist Canada Team

Ready to join 724dentist team, please send us your resume to info@724dentist.com . We strongly believe the greatest victory is to be together.